Slim Quick Weight-reduction plan Plan – 1-1.5 kg loss day-after-day

Slim quick food regimen helps with 1-1.5 kg of loss day-after-day. You should use this food regimen for a few week; Then you should have at the least one week break. After a slim fast food regimen, you can’t really feel hungry as a result of it incorporates saturated merchandise.

There are four completely different choices for every meal, you simply have to decide on one.

Fundamental Guidelines for Slim Quick Diets:

Such portions of mineral water (non-carbonated) Deaf milk or espresso shouldn’t exceed 250 ml of non-fat milk. Earlier than every meal, attempt to eat a big portion of salad – put together celery, lettuce, cucumber, pepper, slices of apple, pepper, beans, tomatoes and corn seeds, a tbsp yogurt, lemon juice, vinegar and spices

Don’t forget that you’ve just one choice to decide on for a slim quick food regimen


1. A slice of black bread with margarine, a banana, an apple and a vine;

2. A cooked egg, a slice of black bread, a glass of pure yogurt;

three. Two slices of black bread, a small banana, one teaspoon of honey;

four. Two dry wheat truffles, glass milk or sweetened orange juice, apple 1.


200 g of cooked potatoes and eat with any of the next additions:

1. A small cabbage;

2. 100 grams of curd;

three. 50 g of ham or hen with out pores and skin;

four. Two tablespoons of cooked beans.


100 g of noodles with one of many following additions:

1. 100 g of shrimps with tomatoes and garlic;

2. 50 g cooked hen with out pores and skin, mushroom sauce, lemon juice;

three. 50 g tomato and garlic ham.

four. 200 g steamed or grilled fish (with out sauce), 125 g cooked potatoes and huge quantities of inexperienced salad


banana or two small apples

Snack in the course of the day:

1. A big glass of dry wine and a tiny cracker;

2. A small banana and a pear;

three. Two slices of black bread with salad;

four. A small "Mars" or "Sinkers" bar.

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