There Pruvia the best weight loss program?

Pruvia, through dietary supplements manufactured and distributed only network marketing, KetoOS. The product claims to have a new and scientifically sound way to produce ketones in the body, which is believed to promote a healthy loss of excess weight. The product can be purchased in various sizes and prices, including caffeine-free version: Thirty-dose "on the go", a package that is $ 160 to $ 144 is available in boxed form You & # 39; ll offered a lower price if you enroll in a monthly auto ship, thirty "on the go" portion of the $ 144 and the reservoir of the $ 133 is the best bargain seems to be a VIP package that you 30 servings a pot and 45 "on the go" a total of $ 350

How does it work?

goal Pruvia & # 39; s products to start the process of ketosis by using the internal an external body (the body) sources from ketones, instead of trying to have the state itself, consuming a very low-carb diet. Pruvia comes in the form of a drink mix so that it can be easily mixed with water.

Pruvia keto-OS Ingredients

Although the amounts of the various components Pruvia are not made readily available, the site lists the main active ingredient is a substance produced in the beta hydroxy by the body and the classification of a ketone body. ketosis during this substance naturally produced by the body. The premise is that to use the consumer directly on the state of ketosis in your body easier and the benefits of it. Putting your body in a constant state of ketosis can be dangerous over a considerable period of time because of acidic ketone bodies and can cause a condition called ketoacidosis. But so far there were no documented side effect of the product. Pruvia also contains vitamins and minerals, stevia powder and caffeine, each version. The exact amount of these ingredients are not included. Their website describes a study of the benefits of ketosis. Currently, there is no clear research on this product.


  1. Pruvia comes in several sizes.
  2. Drink mixes are generally easy to take.
  3. Autoships be a convenient option.
  4. Stevia natural sweetener.
  5. Both caffeine and caffeine-free versions are priced the same.
  6. comes with a 90 day money back, return policy.


  1. The product is quite expensive.
  2. There are currently no clinical research to offer the product & # 39; s formula


product to achieve that goal, the body is in a state of ketosis encourage weight loss without having to eat a low-carb diet.

Manufacturers are recommended to be taken with a low-carb diet.

Pruvia Side Effects

So far have not documented adverse effects that this product, if used properly. Manufacturers are recommended to consult your doctor if you have a kidney stone or salt sensitivity.


The manufacturers recommend easing into account Pruvia, with the aim of taking a "serving" three times a day.


Pruvia seems based on a clinically supported physiology. It comes in different sizes. There is a good money-back guarantee. However, no clinical trials cites specific formula. The price is quite high.

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