Weight Loss Dietary supplements


  • Drinks similar to pure soup, pepper water, tomato juice, coconut water, diluted lean author, ruby, soda, and lime juice.
  • All greens (together with inexperienced leafy greens) besides root greens, salads or cooked greens.
  • Pickles with out oil and sugar


  • Milk (complete) as much as 300 ml. day by day, together with the amount utilized in cottage cheese and drinks
  • Oil as much as Four-5 ts. per day
  • Not vegetarian fish, hen, cooked in a single piece / grilled (50 gm) per day
  • Fruits similar to orange, candy lime, apple, papaya, watermelon could be taken – one or a number of items a day (100 gm)


  • Fat similar to vanaspathi, ghee, butter, coconut oil
  • Sweets similar to puddings, payasam, burfis, laddu, desserts, ice lotions, and so on.

  • Pastries similar to truffles, pastries, biscuits, and so on.,
  • Excessive-calorie fruits similar to bananas, grapes, mangoes, pudding apples, chickoos, and so on.
  • Uncooked banana and root greens like potatoes, colocasia
  • Nuts like almonds, peanuts, hazelnuts and dried fruits similar to figs, days, currants, raisins, apricots and so on.
  • egg yolk, ham, sheep, sausage, cheese, cottage cheese, and so on.,
  • Carbonated Drinks
  • Fruit Juices (Sugar) Fat, and so on.,
  • Baked meals similar to chips, aprons, pies, and so on., and meals with a number of fats.


  • Uncooked vegetable salad, freshly cooked greens or inexperienced leafy greens with every meal
  • Entire legumes, grams and cereals, as a substitute of finer ones.
  • Uncooked sprouted grams are additionally included as salads as soon as a day.

The aforementioned record doesn’t essentially imply that the gadgets listed are free or forbidden.

To scale back weight rapidly, dietary restriction alone just isn’t sufficient, the most secure ½ hour within the morning and night and progressively will increase timing, could be simpler

Supply by Mathi Devarajan

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